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A graduate of the Grafton Academy, Aoife always had a passion for sewing and crafts. Her mother was a skilled dressmaker and her father an artist and sculptor, so she grew up in a home full of creativity.

From an early age, Aoife`s skills in sewing and design were apparent and she truly felt at home during her time at the Grafton Academy, learning pattern drafting and garment technology.

After a career as a fashion designer and setting up a bridal store, which she ran successfully for over ten year, it was earlier this year that Aoife went back to her roots, sewing and designing. 


Aoife specalizes in Bridal Alterations and also the design of bespoke pieces for private clients from her studio in Mornington, Co.Meath. 

"There is something truly magical about starting the day with a set square and a pencil and finishing the day with a new garment"